6 Things to Eat at The BBG

image: bridget shirvell

image: bridget shirvell

Primal and shameless, steak is the ultimate comfort food. But meat lovers know the cooking of a good steak is far from simple. When The BBG opened in Williston Park last November it quickly gained attention for its chic space, specialty cocktails and steak.

Restaurant critic Richard Jay Scholem gave The BBG four stars in his March review. I checked into The BBG recently and discovered the three appetizers and three entrees that are best sellers.

Nantucket Rock Shrimp

the bbg

Crispy tempura fried shrimp paired with a green chili aioli make it hard to share this appetizer and even harder to stop eating once you start.  ($19)

Thick Cut Slab Bacon

Expect your love for bacon to reach a new high with this quarter-inch thick, smoked piece of goodness. One piece should do if you’re just tasting with the group, but executive chef Oscar Martinez bets you’ll want more than just a taste. ($7 per piece)

Zucchini Fritters

the bbg

image: bridget shirvell

If spring had a taste it would be these Zucchini Fritters with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and tzatziki sauce. Light and airy with just enough salt to bring out all the flavors. ($13)

42oz. Porterhouse for Two

At The BBG all the cuts are USDA prime and grilled on all-natural oak coals—no gas—to bring out the true flavors of the meat. Cooked to order, The BBG chefs recommend medium rare. The 42oz. Porterhouse is tender, pre-sliced and ‘melt in your mouth’ delicious. ($89)

18oz. Kobe Burger

the bbg

image: the bbg

Buttermilk onion rings, aged cheddar, hand-cut fries. Good luck finishing it! ($38)

Memphis-Style BBQ Ribs

the bbg

image: yvonne albinowski

Tender and tangy, these ribs have a not too sweet fig barbecue sauce that gives the dish an earthy taste. Served with shoestring potatoes. ($26)