A Dedication to Creating the Perfect Doughnut at Doughology

Doughnuts mean a whole lot more than a good living for Jackie and Chris Stiansen, owners of designer doughnut shop, Doughology in Lynbrook. Doughology has made quite the stir for its melt-in-your-mouth, customizable doughnuts. From blueberry cheesecake to bacon chocolate, the Stiansens have created an incredible boutique menu for their patrons. If you’d like to explore your inner “doughologist,” choose your flavor, frosting, filling and  21 topping options for a creation as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious.

The concept for Doughology came about two years ago when Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I was a stock broker, my husband was a retired detective. My life was about running, being the best, making money and then I got sick,” Jackie said. “You hit a wall and realize life’s not about people looking at you.” After undergoing chemotherapy and cleared of cancer Jackie felt she had a chance at a new life. “I decided I didn’t want to sit at my desk anymore. I always wanted to do something that my whole family could do. We did a ton of research, we visited other shops, and tested A LOT of doughnuts.”


The shop is a new home for the Stiansen family: Chris and Jackie work side by side with their children and in-laws on a daily basis, but it’s the extended family Jackie’s made that’s incredibly precious to her. “I decided when I came here that I would open up about myself. I meet people every day that either had my situation or are going through it now, and I’ve made a ton of friends. I sit and talk to them all when we’re not busy. I use this place to free my head of the fears. It’s the most fulfilling thing in my life for people to come in here and just want to hang out. It’s such a dramatically different life. I was very focused on me, and now it’s about going the other way. If a woman comes in here and she survived breast cancer, now we can sit down and talk about how she’ll be OK. I couldn’t do that a few years ago.”

Although it’s doing well, Doughology was never about financial success. “When I decided that I wanted to be a better person and be out there, my husband decided to take the chance on opening this place with me. He’s one hundred percent dedicated to making this place something.” The Stiansen’s are passionate about funding several charities, including various cancer research organizations, and frequently appear at local fundraisers and nonprofit events. Currently, purple doughnuts are available for sale to benefit the Relay for Life. “Giving so much to everybody just fulfills me too. People will just come and donate; every week we find a place to give to,” Jackie said.


Whether you’re in the market for an after-lunch treat or shopping for the family party dessert, the Doughology family is happy to help you learn the science of creating the perfect doughnut. Shop smart and local, knowing your purchase is also sweetly beneficial to many a sundry of charitable causes.

Doughology is located at 45 Atlantic Avenue, in Lynbrook.