4 Summer Wellness Essentials to Stock up On

Summer wellness is a topic that comes up each and every year around this time. What type of sunscreen protection is best to use on my face? How can I utilize the beautiful outdoors to stay in shape? Pulse did the research and pulled the most necessary and essential summer wellness picks for you, your SO and anyone else wondering what the heck is needed to stay well on Long Island this summer. Because who wants to be not well while lounging on the beach?

Get The App

 The Headspace app for your smartphone and tablet is all the rage, offering 10 free animations and programs for learning and practicing meditation. You may be asking why you should try meditation? It’s a way to become aware of your body, surroundings and how to achieve an understanding of the two. The best part about the application? You can take it just about anywhere, so practice mindfulness in a park or backyard.

Monkii Bars

image: monkii bar

image: monkii bar

No, we didn’t spell that wrong. Monkii Bars are a portable suspension workout tool, designed with the great outdoors in mind. As Pulse’s associate editor Kate Traverson wrote, “Just choose a support structure (a sturdy tree limb will do), throw over the 18ft sections of Spectra line, attach the hard maple handles and get right to work on those deltoid flies and chest presses.”


The summer sun and salty ocean water may not be the best thing for your hair, skin and nails, but that’s nothing a good ‘ole vitamin can’t fix. They may not be the Flintstone vitamins your mom bought for you when you were a kid, but they will work wonders. A dose of Biotin is great hair, skin and nail health. Adult gummy-vites are also a fun and delicious way to feed your bones and body the vitamins they so desperately need not only this summer, but all year round.


image: istockphoto.com/wavebreak

image: istockphoto.com/wavebreak

Lather it on, sun worshippers! According to the CDC, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. It’s recommended by the CDC to wear SPF 15 or higher with both UVA and UVB protection. Last June, Dr. Uruj Kamal shared important information on SPF usage and other helpful tips with Pulse readers. Check it out to assure you enjoy the sun, but protect yourself, too.

For more summer wellness trends and tips, pick up the May issue of Pulse out now.