The Pizza Oven of Summer 2016

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Pizza from a brick oven produces a crust like no other. The bready base, thin, lightly crispy, bubbled and dappled with char can be the foundation for endless toppings. But replicating this magical creation at home in a regular oven is difficult, even with a pizza stone. Kalamazoo’s Artisan Fire Pizza Oven manages to generate the intense heat and open flame of a wood-fired brick environment, yet with the ease of gas. Packing 52,000 BTUs with temperatures in excess of 800 degrees, this heavy gauge stainless steel beast heats up in 20 minutes and perfectly cooks a pie in as little as three. Its open-door style mimics authentic pizzerias, allowing the cook to manipulate the pie as it cooks. Now to just perfect that dough-throwing technique…