Juice Press’ Founder On Staying Healthy in the Hamptons

We already know that green juice is in the midst of world domination, but in the Hamptons specifically, it’s all about Juice Press’ 100 percent organic, kosher cold-pressed green brew. In fact, while many of the chain’s competitors have opened and closed within the span of a few months, Juice Press is opening its third East End location in East Hampton come May 2016. Aside from dozens of juices and smoothies the health food mecca’s various locations stock raw foods, raw desserts, cleanses, cold-brewed coffee and everything you need to fill your probiotic and enzyme needs (a healthy gut goes a long way!). Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi, a self-proclaimed juicing fanatic, is notoriously finicky so who better to turn to when looking for some wellness inspiration out east? Read on to find out about Antebi’s first Hamptons memory, working out and what he loves most about the East End.

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Long Island Pulse: When and what was your first summer in the Hamptons experience?
Marcus Antebi: My first Hamptons experience was in Westhampton Beach. My father had a crumbling beach house that was eventually washed away by a fierce storm. I believe it was hurricane Gloria in 1985. I remember many joyful memories of playing tennis on the clay court and building sand castles with my father on the beach.

Pulse: What are some of your favorite wellness spots in the Hamptons?
Antebi: I go to SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp to work out. As for healthy eating spots, Juice Press of course! I’ll swing by our Juice Press locations in Bridgehampton or Southampton to pick up some of our delicious salads and snacks since I’m not much for big sit down meals. We are opening a location in East Hampton this May, which I’m really excited about. I also hit up the Golden Pear for soups and salads.

Pulse: What is your favorite beach in the Hamptons? What do you pack in your beach bag?
Antebi: My favorite beach is behind my business partner’s beautiful home. Location is undisclosed.

I pack a cooler with Juice Press juices and if I remember, sunblock!

Pulse: What one item of clothing or accessory do you take with you every time you come to the Hamptons?  
Antebi: A 55-pound kettle bell.

Pulse: What is your go-to place to shop in the Hamptons?
Antebi: Love Adorned in Amagansett.

Pulse: What does your ideal summer weekend in the Hamptons look like?
Antebi: Blue skies, warm water, tennis, cycling and surfing.