5 Questions with Carlo Lanza of Harvest Power Solar

The sun blankets the earth with more power in one hour than the entire world consumes in one year. Using the sun to power your home gives you independence from imported fossil fuels and high energy costs, and makes for a cleaner environment. Harvest Power Solar has been helping Long Islanders reap the rewards of solar power since 2008. To help you reduce your carbon footprint and fatten your wallet, Pulse caught up with Harvest Power Solar founder and president Carlo Lanza.


Carlo Lanza

Long Island Pulse: As president and founder of Harvest Power Solar, what are you most focused on? How has your previous experience helped you?
Carlo Lanza: I’m focused on growing the company and staying up-to-date on the technology advancements, financial programs and industry incentives. I am also the president of the New York Solar Energy Industry Association (NYSEIA). My experience with construction and project management has allowed Harvest Power to grow at a steady pace while handling all aspects of a solar installation in-house.

Pulse: Tell us about Harvest Power Solar.
Lanza: We are a full-service solar installer with more than 70 employees based in Bay Shore. Harvest Power is licensed throughout the New York City Metro area and offers a number of programs that allow our customers the best opportunity to go solar based on their individual situation. We were founded in 2008 as a division of Friendly Construction, a residential and commercial construction company with more than 30 years of experience on Long Island. Our goal was to help property owners find ways to achieve their goals of real energy independence, lower dependence on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions and allow clients to enjoy the outstanding, direct monetary benefits of solar power.

Pulse: How many solar power projects has Harvest Power Solar completed? 
Lanza: To date, Harvest Power has installed more than 1,200 residential and commercial solar installations, with more than 80% of them installed on Long Island.

Pulse: What are some things someone who is considering solar power for their home or business should know?
Lanza: It’s important to understand the energy consumption of their home/business. During the initial discussions, we work with them and the local utility to understand how much energy (kWH) their property has used over the past 12 months. Then we review the home on Google Earth to understand how much roof space is available and how many panels we can fit on the roof.

It’s also important to understand the economic situation of the person. There are a variety of programs available to the property owner. Understanding how strong their credit is while also knowing how much they pay in federal and state income tax goes a long way in determining which program is right for them. Harvest Power always encourages property owners to buy their system as it affords the property owner the greatest return on their investment while also increasing the value of the property. Third party ownership programs such as Leasing and Power Purchase Agreements are a viable option for those property owners who can’t leverage the significant tax incentives available by going solar. People who are retired and not presently employed as well as non-profit entities are good examples of these types of property owners.

Pulse: Are there different options in terms of looks? 
Lanza: There are different panel options available to you that produce varying amounts of power per individual panel. Some have an all-black look while others include a look that incorporates white designs throughout. Harvest Power works with all tier one solar manufacturers, organizations that provide strong warranties and products that are built to last 30 to 40 years.