5 Questions With View’s William Muzio

As the head chef of View, William Muzio oversees a kitchen sending out scrumptious small and large plates with a focus on seasonality. With its location on the Great South Bay, View is a can’t-miss spot for summer dining. Muzio spoke with Pulse about the inspiration behind the summer menu, his favorite dishes and the NYC restaurant you have to visit.

Long Island Pulse: How did you first get into the culinary world?
William Muzio: When I was 14, I actually started working in a kitchen. I went to work with my uncle and he handed me a 12-inch chef knife and said, “Go to work.” I made honey stuffed shrimp, handmade ravioli and marinara sauce and a beer batter. 

Pulse: Tell us about the food program at View, what inspires it?
Muzio: First and foremost seasonality. We try to change as much with the season. And then my main focus and what we try to strive for is that we want to be the best seafood restaurant, so we try to create the freshest, best dishes.

Like guests, Muzio can't get enough of the Thai Calamari image: view

Like guests, Muzio can’t get enough of the Thai Calamari. image: view

Pulse: What’s the best dish on your menu right now?
Muzio: My two favorites are the Thai Calamari and Pear Roasted Diver Scallops. My Thai Calamari I’ve been doing since 2004. I brought it here and it’s taken off. It’s standard breaded calamari with flour, fried and a sweet chili glaze. The Pear Roasted Diver scallops, I try and get them as fresh as possible. They’re U10 diver scallops, so they are handpicked. I do those with white truffle, Montauk lobster risotto, fresh edamame and a citrus gastrique. 

Pulse: What’s your go-to guilty-pleasure food?
Muzio: Burger. A bacon cheeseburger, especially now with all these places doing incredible burgers. 

Pulse: What’s your place to get a burger from?
Muzio: One of the best is Engine Number 9 in St. Petersburg, Florida. In Manhattan one of my friends just opened Black Tap Down and I’m dying to go there.