“Orange Is the New Black” is (Almost) Back: Season 4 Fodder

Orange Is the New Black is back and it’s expected to be better than ever…and dangerous. Jackie Cruz, who plays Flaca on the hit Netflix series, told Pulse in our June issue that fans should prepare for danger and surprises in Season 4, but we already knew that based on the last episode of Season 3 that left Alex Vause in a vulnerable and scary predicament.

I trolled social media to find out what Orange Is the New Black devotees thought might occur in the upcoming season hitting Netflix on June 17. Here’s what the people of the Internet had to say.

I’m thinking we will get insight on Nicky and I think Vee will return.
@nicholasrobison via Twitter

Hi well I think it is going to be the best season yet and I expect anything and everything will happen
@LeonPaul95 via Twitter

It’s going to be a dangerous season, all of us had a lot of fun in it. There’s new blood, new rules. I can’t really tell you much. I just know, I believe these are [producer] Jenji Kohan’s words, the prison becomes a character and the system is just really messed up and it’s going to be incredible. And very dark!
–Jackie Cruz in an interview with Pulse 

Tucky loses a tooth, Alex and Piper get back together and break up at least twice (Alex lives!), Nicky makes a return and Piper stays on her soapbox as she continues her quest for Litchfield domination.
–Beth Ann Clyde, Social Strategist at Pulse

I feel like Piper is about to run the prison because she became quite the, for lack of a better term, bitch last season. But I feel like Alex may bring back her soft side.
–Jess Freda via Facebook

Tell us: what do you think will happen in Season 4 of #oitnb?