How Chef William Muzio Creates a Daily Menu

Everyday when View’s chef William Muzio heads into work he’s not entirely sure what the day’s menu will be.

“There are a couple of staples that I couldn’t take off the menu if I tried,” Muzio admits, but for the most part what’s available dictates the menu and everyday that menu changes.

“It’s crazy, I have to reinvent myself every day,” Muzio said.

Chef Muzio loves creating memories for guests of View image: view

Chef Muzio loves creating memories for guests of View. image: view

By the time he gets into the restaurant overlooking the Great South Bay, Muzio is already thinking about what he feels like doing that day. Some of the menu is very spur of the moment depending on what the weather is going to be like, what’s in season, what’s fresh and what ideas are floating around in the kitchen. From there he calls around to his food representatives.

“I have a really good relationship with the purveyors and they’ll tell me about something cool or wacky coming along and I’ll try it out, see how it goes,” Muzio said.

Muzio's food is inspired by the views image: view

Muzio’s food is inspired by the views. image: view

One of the hardest parts of coming up with a daily menu is trying to bring the people along with him. He knows he can’t do anything too crazy or diners won’t order it, so he often tries to take an old school classic dish, such as Seafood Cioppino, and give a twist to it. He makes the stew originally created by San Francisco Italian immigrants as true to its roots as possible—jumbo shrimp, scallops, razor clams, littleneck clams, Prince Edward Island mussels—but adds Maine Lobster tail and tomato blue crab brodo. The end result makes the challenge worth it.

“I have the opportunity to make people happy and create memories. That is what I do,” Muzio said.