The Best Advice My Dad Gave Me

Dads: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. In light of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18, we at Pulse wanted to share with our readers the best advice our dads and father-figures gave us…break out the tissue box, folks.

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My dad has given me A LOT of great advice over the years. Growing up, most of it was of course unsolicited and mainly ignored (I’m looking at you, teenage years). But as I got older and smartened up a bit, I realized just how invaluable his advice really is, and now I look for it more than ever. 

I’d say the best and strongest message he’s passed on has come to me simply through watching him lead his life. He is a strong believer in doing “the right thing.” Sometimes, this is common sense, but it’s when it’s not so easy that it really counts and it can be really difficult to do (i.e.: two wrongs don’t make a right).  He’s taught me to love unconditionally, treat others with respect and to always do the best I can. Thanks Dad! 

–Alyssa Grant, Suffolk Sales Manager

My father always drove home that life is all about perspective. There are times when it’s OK (and sometimes even necessary) to have an instant reaction to a conflict or difficult situation, but that it’s always important to take a step back to put things in perspective so you can move forward with a clear head and evaluate the best next steps for resolution. Even if it’s a simple conflict with a friend or family member, take a moment to understand where you stand and why the other party may have reacted the way they did. Putting yourself in their shoes allows you to better understand them and also learn something about yourself. 

–Melissa Carfero, Sponsorships & Events

My dad’s given me some great advice over the years (including telling me to take this job!), but what he’s shown me has created more of a lasting impact than what he’s told me. He’s had two heart transplants, but he hasn’t let that stop him from leading an active lifestyle. He made time to coach my soccer team for eight years and never missed a high school game unless he was in the hospital. He was mayor of my town growing up and always took the high road during disagreements. And I always knew I could call him at 11pm when I got lost coming home and the only street sign I could make up was the one that read “Speed limit: 35 MPH” (he somehow got me home every time). 

–Beth Ann Clyde, Social Media Strategist

My dad’s given me countless advice over the years, from the comical old school Greek advice to having to always wear socks, or not sleeping next to an open window because you will catch Pleurisy (lol). The one that holds true for me more than ever into my adult life is giving 1,000 percent.  He always told me that you don’t give 50/50 when you make commitments or promises. That family, love, dedication and sacrifice are given with 1,000 percent. I’ve seen him dedicate his life to his family, work and always give 1,000 percent, even when nothing was given in return. Essentially, he taught me unconditional love, not only with advice and words, but with action.

–Mariko Zervos, Assistant Art Director

In a word: focus. Bad things are going to happen to you in life—some of your own making, some not—but one singular event will not determine your life. You need to focus on the positives (your job, your relationships, etc.) and devote all your energy in these areas. Take a step back and focus on bettering yourself in any and every way possible.

–Andrew Sheldon, Associate Editor

 The best advice my grandfather Hans Peters (just passed at 99 years old) was, “always invest in your education, always invest in learning new things, it’s never a bad investment.”

–Lilien Perito, Associate Publisher

I remember when I talked to my dad about what was then my first love. I was in my freshman year at college and the love of my life began to talk about marriage and children, oh my.  So I called my dad and he offered me a few simple words of wisdom. He said he was putting me through college so that I would be able to take care of myself. I had no idea how profound a statement that was at the time. Of course we were going to be together forever…silly goose! He presented me with all sorts of “What if ” scenarios, thoughts that remained with me while we continued to date. Eventually, things did change and thankfully, although wounded and heartbroken, I was strong, independent and capable of doing just what he hoped for—taking care of myself through the tears and moving on to the next adventure.

Another one of his insights: Everything will fall into place if you love what you do, love where you work and love who you work for. If one of those three is not part of the equation, then quietly move on if you want to have joy in your life. 

I am grateful for the strength he instilled in me. It has served me well.

–Maryanne Napoli, Account Executive

Tell us: What’s the best advice your dad/father-figure ever gave you?