WearWithAll Launches in East Hampton

Trends may change with the seasons, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to. The new fashion boutique WearWithAll, which opened Memorial Day Weekend in East Hampton, markets timeless classics that will always be in style.

Ever since she began designing apparel at 7-years-old, owner Melody Mayer’s ideas never stopped flowing.

“If you are a really good designer, a shoe is a coat, a coat is a bag and a bag is a dress,” Mayer said. “I am always thinking of my next dress.”

Mayer’s creations have been worn by everyone on the fashion spectrum, from rock-and-roll bands and music icon Madonna to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Anyone with style, taste and money can come to WearWithAll and find something worth buying.”

But the timeless pieces are coveted by the everywoman—and everyman—too. Customers have approached her, raving about coats they purchased from the line a few years ago. The motif and patterns she incorporated continue to drive the style market. Now Hamptons locals and vacationers are stocking up for the summer, making their way to her new store. A male t-shirt line from Paris that comes distressed and vintage, modeling old American company logos, has been an early favorite.

“Hamptons men are buying them fast and women are even purchasing the t-shirts for themselves.”

A designer by nature, it should come as no surprise that conceiving the layout for her shop was the easy part. Through very elegant white fabrics hanging on the walls drawn together with gold metallic ropes, Mayer created a romantic theater environment that emulates an old world charm.

The boutique also serves as an art gallery that exhibits the work of emerging artists. Mayer is an artist herself and knows how difficult it is to gain respect from others in the industry.

“I want to give unknown artists who make gorgeous paintings a chance and help them on their way.”

The beauty of it all is she designs straight from the heart. Whether it’s through her couture apparel, jewelry, sunglasses, store or artwork; you can see her passion come to life.

“Breathing gives me the inspiration for my line.”

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

WearWithAll is located at 10 Main Street, East Hampton