5 Things to Eat at Caracara Mexican Grill

The modern five-year anniversary gift is silverware, so pick up a shiny fork and knife at Caracara Mexican Grill in Farmingdale to celebrate the restaurant’s fifth year in business this month.

Owners Tony Kathreptis and Peter Rousakis love being a part of their growing community. “We’ve hired kids five years ago, now we’re hiring their younger brothers and sisters, so we develop that relationship. Their families come in for dinner, you get to know them,” said Kathreptis.

Commemorate Caracara’s 5th anniversary and Farmingdale Restaurant Week (June 13-18) with chef Daniel Mendoza’s authentic Mexican food and chow down on one (or two) of the five recommended below.

Enchiladas Suizas

Made with two soft corn tortillas and your meat of choice, this cheesy plate will make you crave Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Diners have the option of topping the enchilada with pulled chicken, pork or steak, sweet tomatillo cream and melted Chihuahua cheese that make the meal.

Pollo Relleno

Pollo Relleno

This baked chicken dish gets breaded and rolled, and stuffed with cheese, mushroom and poblano pepper. Like tequila? It’s topped with a tequila and mushroom cream sauce. ¡Olé!

Carne Tampiqueña

Carne Tampiquena

Come hungry, always. “We use skirt steak, its grilled. We top it off with salsa roja and pepper jack cheese, and it comes with a cheese enchilada on the side on the same plate,” said the chef. If you’re wondering about avocado, don’t worry, it comes with that on the side, too.

Costillas a La Parrilla

Short Ribs

It’s the most interesting dish in the world. Cooked in Dos Equis beer, these braised short ribs are topped with a guajilo salsa and boniato, a white sweet potato. Stay thirsty (or hungry), my friends.

Camarones Tropical

Camarones Tropical

Chef Mendoza highly recommends this dish of “grilled shrimp, and we finish it with orange chipotle sauce.” He then sautés sweet corn with a little butter and spinach to garnish the dish.



Tamale Camarones

“The thing about the tamales is that you can’t get them in all the restaurants, a lot of Mexican restaurants don’t offer them. His [chef Daniel Mendoza] recipe is awesome. He uses fresh corn and he purees it with some brown masa, like a corn masa, a corn flour, then he tops it with the protein, either chicken or shrimp. For the shrimp we do a chipotle cream sauce, which is great, and with the chicken we do a mole poblano,” said Kathreptis.


Kathreptis told Pulse all about flan. “We have flan which changes all the time. We’ve had coconut orange flan, we do a classic vanilla flan, we do a Kahlua espresso flan, we do a [seasonal] pumpkin flan…[chef] Danny makes great, great flans.”

Caracara Mexican Grill is located at 354 Main Street in Farmingdale, 516-777-2272