Barre to Bar Cosmetic Ideas

Finding the time to exercise is always easier than it sounds. From hectic days at the office to social obligations, putting on makeup after a quick workout is an afterthought. But you have plans for a nightcap with your best friend you haven’t seen in months. To help you go from barre (or your studio workout of choice) to the bar, I caught up with celebrity trainer and professional dancer Andrea Fornarola-Hunsberger, founder of Elements Fitness in East Hampton.

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Step One
Reduce the shine that comes with working out and make pores less visible by applying powder like Mac Face Powder. “Use a light brush because it doesn’t irritate the skin after a workout.” It stays on and is easy to freshen up after burning calories.

Step Two
To get that sun-kissed look without harmful rays, choose a warm shade of bronzer that will add a slight shimmer and highlight your skin. It is also simple to touch up. “The bronzer accentuates your natural after workout glow”–another perk of logging a gym session.

Step Three
It’s the final phase to keep your skin appearing toned, smooth and natural. A little goes a long way with a powder like Mac Mineralized Skin Finish. Blend for an even complexion that will give you a dimensional shine.

Step Four
Add some volume to your lashes. L’Oreal Mascaras are known to adhere to the lash while remaining thick, smooth and tasteful for a fun night out. “In the summer with a tan, less is always more.” Bonus: You can even put it on pre-workout and not worry about it bleeding down your face during those all-important final reps.

Step Five
Before you work out, coat your lips with chapstick to keep them moist. Reapply after and add gloss for a frosty finish. “When moving around and being active you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your lip.” You don’t want to worry about it when enjoying al fresco cocktails, either.