Why You Should Consider Extra Health Insurance

Not all health insurance is created equal. Even if you have health insurance through your employer, it might not cover the costs associated with certain health conditions or if you have to see a specialist for something like a sports injury. That can turn even a small problem into an unnecessary expense or a larger issue into a bigger headache you don’t need. Allstate agents like Michael J. Cirigliano, agency owner of Allstate in Patchogue, offer supplemental, limited benefit insurance coverage that can help with doctor bills, hospital stays and even some nonmedical expenses if you’re dealing with an accident, disability, cancer or critical illness.

Fill in Your Health Insurance Gaps.

Accident & Disability: Take care of medical expenses your employer’s health insurance might not cover. Get cash benefits if you have a covered hospital stay, ambulance bills or other out-of-pocket expenses. And you can keep your coverage if you change jobs.
Critical Illness: Get coverage from Allstate Benefits in case you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Cash benefits can be used for hospital stays, doctor bills, transportation, childcare and more. You can add an optional wellness benefit to help cover the cost of a health screening.
Long-Term Care Insurance: Coverage used beyond a pre-determined amount of time in traditional health insurance or Medicare that can provide care, services and support in your home or a variety of other facilities. It can protect your hard-earned savings in the future.

Accident Insurance Offers Added Protection.

If you are accidentally injured, accident insurance from Allstate Benefits can help you take care of out-of-pocket expenses and medical costs beyond what your existing health insurance plan covers, like hospital stays, ambulance bills, dislocations, fractures and more.

Disability Insurance Could Help Protect Your Income.

If you’re unable to work because of an illness or an injury, disability insurance can help you with a monthly cash benefit until you’re able to return to work. Most plans cover up to 60 percent of your income and the coverage stays with you, even if you change jobs. Your monthly cash benefit could help you cover expenses such as mortgage payments, personal assistance, groceries, car payments and more.

Added Protection For More Peace Of Mind.

With the rising cost of healthcare, getting seriously ill could have a big impact on your finances. With supplemental health insurance that has critical illness coverage and cancer coverage from Allstate Benefits, you are paid cash benefits that can help pay for bills and expenses that your existing health insurance plan doesn’t cover.

Critical Illness Insurance Offers More Coverage.

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, critical illness insurance can help you pay for expenses that aren’t covered by your existing health insurance plan. Critical illness coverage pays you a lump-sum cash benefit to help pay for treatment or bills, and you can add a wellness benefit option to help cover the cost of health screening tests. Some covered illnesses include heart attack, bypass surgery and multiple sclerosis.

Cancer Insurance Can Help Cover Extra Costs.

In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with cancer, having this coverage in place can help cover the cost of cancer treatment. Cancer coverage is available for individuals and families, and it’s renewable for life. It can help with medical expenses that aren’t covered by your existing health insurance plan, like hospital stays, doctor bills, transportation and childcare.

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