New Chocolate Factory Making a Mold in the Hamptons

Vermont and Ben & Jerry’s, Seattle and Starbucks, the Hamptons and…

One bite of savory Valrhona and Guittard goodness from the Hamptons Chocolate Factory and your search for answers is over. Evan and Caroline Gappelberg launched the factory online in April 2014 but decided it was time to paint the town artisan brown. They opened a brick-and-mortar shop on Main Street in Westhampton and are already making a mold on the South Fork.

“My hope is to have the Hamptons Chocolate Factory become a brand that is synonymous with the Hamptons,” Evan Gappelberg said.

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Like a Hamptons beach day that ends with dockside cocktails, Hamptons Chocolate Factory adds twists to childhood favorites. Take the chic s’mores bar, made with marshmallows that come in sea salt caramel, raspberry vanilla bean and cherry chocolate chip flavors. Watch as your marshmallow of choice is torch-toasted, drizzled in caramel and covered in Valrhona chocolate pearls.

Dress them in classic graham crackers or chocolate chip cookies for an indulgence that will leave your taste buds spinning. When you ask for seconds, and believe me you will, make it extra special by dipping the s’more in chocolate again and freezing it.

“It’s a new kind of chocolate experience.”

hamptons chocolate factory

Pecan Bark with sweet and tart cranberries & toasted pecans. image: hamptons chocolate factory

Even the homemade artisan ice creams, like snickerdoodle and strawberry salted caramel, are creative, and they’re not the only treats that come in cones. Waffle cones are dipped in chocolate on-site and filled with caramel popcorn.

If your cravings call for something rich, Gappelberg recommends the PB&J Bar, a creamy peanut praline layered with a sophisticated raspberry fruit puree and sprinkled with organic raspberry powder. It’s part posh, part nostalgic and totally in line with Hampton Chocolate Factory’s mission to think outside the box, something that already has locals and vacationers eating out of the palms of their hands.

“[We] get our customers to say wow over and over again [because of] our creative product selection. That is what separates us from other chocolatiers.”

And the selections keep expanding. Now, the Hamptons Chocolate Factory is launching a new line of brewed chocolate drinks made with 100% cacao bean.

“The Ambrosia gives you all the energy and antioxidants you get from dark chocolate.”

And it’s the perfect complement to a frozen s’more.