summertime i’m gonna make you mine

It gets dark, you watch them fall
Then it gets light, then it gets louder
Watch them bloom, watch them blossom, they grow higher
Not here forever, but for now, let’s do whatever
And then never even find something that’s close to being better
Then you fall into its arms, you got bare feet out in the barn
And you know that whatever, there will never be no harm*

in his interview this month, graham nash tells us: children are only 25% of our population, but they’re 100% of our future. we must take great care in bringing them up and feeding them and stuffing their life with beauty. that’s one way we could change the world, and a great way to do it.

there’s a lot i like about nash’s statement—and nash, who’s interviewed with us before—partly because it’s so fitting for our 11th annual arts and culture issue.

when i launched pulse in 2005 it was a pretty crowded field. there were many titles focused on our region’s lifestyles, but the thing that made pulse different was our concentration on the arts, culture and music that we share in. pulse is my love-letter to long island, by shedding a light on these three particular subjects in every issue, we also embrace some of the purest ways of “stuffing life with beauty.”

in this issue, we feature devon teuscher, soloist with the american ballet theatre. on pointe is an exciting fashion story that is one part black swan, two parts girl in the moment. my franchise focusing on long island’s emerging artists returns to spotlight those selected from a deluge of nominees. 6 x art celebrates a unique cadre of individuals who believe in the language of their materials, rendering singular testimonies of this place and time. an installation of philip pavia’s work at the pollock-krasner house in springs is the subject of our monthly talking walls column, just as architect richard meier (who just completed the SEAMARQ hotel for the olympics in south korea) is the subject of our inside design and elka rifkin, newly installed as director of the watermill center, is the keynote of our objectified column.

supporting the arts and culture coverage are some less high-brow endeavors that are no less vital as memory-inducements for summer. the inimitable (cocktail-obsessed) camper english joins us with a unique lineup of city coolers. as a sort of companion piece, jonah flicker’s neighborhood watch reveals the best ways to spend summer days in the city (meaning brooklyn and queens). and our former associate editor chris connolly makes a cameo with waves of grain, a story for the surf-lovers ready to feed the monkey by making their own boards.

market forces have changed a lot of things over the last 11 years, and i like to think we’ve adapted to them pretty well. during this time we’ve done a lot of important publishing, covering not only the best long island has to offer, but also some of the most impactful topics of our day. it all started in august 2005 with an exclusively print product, but continues to evolve through a beehive of print, web, social and event offerings that meet our mission of defining life, styles & culture. we look forward to seeing what the future brings and taking the ride with you.

All the boys and all the pretty girls,
Summertime, I’m gonna make you mine*

* “make you mine,” family of the year

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.