Workout Brews and Froth and Frommage Pairings

Keep the Tab Running
Hoptron Brewtique, the craft-beer emporium and bar on West Main Street in Patchogue, formed a running club three years ago with a simple credo: encourage and enjoy. “That’s actually what the two e’s in beer stand for,” said Amanda Danielsen, one of Hoptron’s owners. “We feel that participation in any form of exercise deserves a reward—and there’s nothing more rewarding than an ice-cold beer.”

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Danielson recommended five thirst quenchers—all packaged in cans—to seek out this summer after a hard workout in the sun:

Threes Brewing, Vliet
Seems like everyone wants to only talk about IPAs nowadays. That’s why I’m starting this list with a complex and flavorful pilsner, an unappreciated style…Clear, golden, herbal and refreshingly delicious, Vliet is a perfect example of what a pilsner can be.

Two Roads Brewing, No Limits Hefeweizen
I would be remiss to not include one of America’s best [hefeweizens] on this post-run list—especially in the summertime. True to the authentic German style, No Limits is dry and refreshing, led by bright notes of banana and clove. What’s also great about hefeweizens is the cloudiness, meaning it’s unfiltered and chock full of proteins.

Montauk Brewing, Summer Ale
As far as I’m concerned, summer is a synonym for Montauk, so it makes perfect sense to include Montauk’s only brewery on this list, as well as its excellent Summer Ale to replenish after a hot-day run. One of my favorite aspects of this easy-to-drink beer is that it’s light but not watery or lacking flavor. Summer has a great malt background and a subtle hoppiness, so you can drink this without fear of any lingering

Evil Twin, Sour Bikini
Like a beach packed with bodies on a hot summer day, sours come in all shapes and sizes and Evil Twin’s Sour Bikini is a great example of this diversity. Tart but not hardcore puckering, light in body and no discernible hop or maltiness. Bikini is like adult Gatorade but without the wacky neon colors. An at only 3 percent ABV, it’ll even keep your bikini bod in check.

Grimm Artisanal Ales, Catch Wave
Full disclosure: I haven’t tasted Grimm’s newest IPA yet, [but] I’m totally fine with recommending Catch Wave, which should be aligned with Grimm’s other hoppy masterpieces: soft mouthfeel, juicy flavor and aroma, and way too easy to drink. Everything Grimm packages in cans or bottles sells the day we get it, so prepare to run here to grab as many as we can sell.

The Village Cheese Shop
(631) 298-8556, Mattituck
OPENED: 2001 | BEERS: 15

Last fall Michael Affatato became The Village Cheese Shop’s new owner and has since expanded its selection of cheeses to over 200—most from international producers—and added charcuterie, caviar and foie gras to sell alongside breads delivered daily from Long Island City’s Tom Cat Bakery. The shop has also begun offering wine and beer, and Affatato has enlisted the help of Danielle Moore, a local event planner responsible for
the LI Nano Cask Ale Festival, to introduce beer-themed tasting events and build the shop’s menu. Moore hopes to “put the store on the map as a beer destination on the North Fork.”

When pairing beer with cheese, Moore stressed the importance of balance. “Whether complementing or contrasting flavors, you have to make sure you’re not overpowering on either side. A boozy barrel-aged stout isn’t going to work with a mild, fresh cheese. The same can be said for a light pilsner or kölsch with a powerful bleu.”

The beer list currently comprises around 15 bottles and cans and features local breweries like Rocky Point Artisan Brewers and Long Ireland Beer Company. Draft beer will be added sometime this summer, to be served at a recently built bar (wine is available now).

Moore recommended these three summer pairings:

Long Ireland Beer Company, NoFo Farmhouse Ale
I’d pair this spicy, fruity saison with a young, herb-coated chevre from France called Fleur Verte, which means “green flower.” The cheese’s earthiness, tanginess and notes of lemon and white pepper are similar characteristics to those of a classic farmhouse ale.

Founders Brewing, Breakfast Stout
This complex imperial stout pairs well with an aged gouda like Beemster XO from Holland. After aging for 26 months, XO remains creamy yet crumbly; its notes of butterscotch, caramel and toasted pecan work perfectly with the decadent brew’s coffee and chocolate flavors.

Almanac Beer Company, Golden Gate Gose
Gose is a slightly tart, refreshing German beer style brewed with malted wheat, salt, coriander and lemon verbena. These summertime flavors pair well with the Italian cheese Tricotta Limone, a flourless, gluten-free confection made of 100% buffalo ricotta.

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Niko Krommydas has written for Tasting Table, BeerAdvocate, Munchies, and First We Feast. He is editor of Craft Beer New York, an app for the iPhone, and a columnist for Yankee Brew News. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.