Brand New Release Songs and Play Madison Square Garden

Turn tin to gold
I want pure energy
Throw everything I own into the fire
I want to find a way
I want to throw up snakes
Do I have to die to see the other side?
From “I am a Nightmare” by Brand New

Devout fans of Brand New have been patiently awaiting new music from the Long Island quartet. Its been seven years since the release of their last full-length, Daisy, and the alt-rockers recently released two singles that may appear on an upcoming 2016 album.

The title of the first song “Mene,” is a reference to part of the Old Testament interpreted by Daniel to mean that God had doomed the kingdom of Belshazzar at Babylon. In the raucous song, frontman Jesse Lacey personifies the ocean: “The ocean never sleeps or dreams/ It never stops to ponder what it sees/ Committed to its satellite/ No one can move you, man, and no one’s ever gonna try.”

The more pop-sounding “I Am A Nightmare,” was produced by their secret fifth member Mike Sapone, and mixed by Vince Ratti. The song is reminiscent of their Your Favorite Weapon days and the digital release coincides with a special 12” vinyl single featuring artwork from Morning Breath.

Lacey hinted of the band’s demise last year when he became emotional and told an audience: “This isn’t going to last much longer,” mentioning that he would soon be a father. Recent Brand New merchandise is also branded with the dates “2000-2018,” implying they’ll disband in 2018. But the cryptic singer recently told a Vancouver audience that the band is not breaking up, they’re just “not playing music for anyone except themselves anymore.”

Right now Brand New is co-headlining a US summer tour with fellow emo band Modest Mouse. Whether or not this is part of an extended farewell tour remains to be seen…

What: Modest Mouse and Brand New live
Where: Madison Square Garden
When: Thursday, July 14th, 2016

lisa heffernan

Lisa Heffernan received a master’s in Communications from Emerson College before moving to New York. She has worked for publications such as: Details, Nylon, Rolling Stone, Time Out, Newport Mercury, American Songwriter and W magazine.