Dive Into Burger Heaven with South Shore Dive’s Bobby Gulinello

Before South Shore Dive’s opening night in October, owner Bobby Gulinello already knew his star.

“Our concept is that we’re a local bar,” Gulinello said. “The burger is…the heart of the menu.”

The burgers are standouts without trying too hard: juicy, not too gritty and cooked just right. Indulging in one is like getting reacquainted with an old friend. Simple as they are, the locals are loving them, so much so that South Shore Dive is a finalist for Pulse’s Great Burger Battle. Shortly after reading the news in the July/August issue of Pulse, I caught up with Gulinello to talk burger memories, favorite toppings and how he likes his chances.

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What was it like for you when you found out you were a finalist?
We were stoked because we’re so new. We tried out different burgers, different blends before we decided on a menu that is awesome and that we all liked.

What’s the most popular burger on your menu?
Just our regular burger. I’ve tried different variations of burgers, but we went with a regular burger and a create-your-own. I think that’s the way to go because everyone likes it a different way.

What do you like on top of your burger?
I love a deep fried egg. It makes it a little more juicy and adds a little favor.

Do you remember the first burger you ever ate?
[I] was at the O-Co-nee East Diner in Islip. It was a big deal because I remember I was allowed to order off the menu by myself for the first time. I ordered some crazy sundae and burger.

How do you like your chances at this year’s Great Burger Battle?
They’re good, really good. We put a lot of thought into our burger and if I didn’t think that my burger was the best burger I shouldn’t even be in the restaurant business.

Does South Shore Dive have the best burger? Taste for yourself at Great Burger Battle Aug 14.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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