Eat Your Way to Whiter Teeth

You’ve heard about products that swear they can whiten your teeth in an instant, and with summer party season reaching a fever pitch (and all the Instagram photos that come with that) it’s tempting to run out to the drug store and try everything. But making sound diet decisions daily can help you achieve long-lasting results. Take a bite of these three foods that whiten teeth, recommended by Harvey Passes, DDS of Passes Dental Care in Great Neck, smile wide and confidently say “cheese.”


Not be cheesy, but eating cheese can whiten your smile image: chris gramly

Not to be cheesy, but eating cheese can whiten your smile. image: chris gramly

Passes isn’t being corny when he recommends cheese for a brighter smile. “High qualities of calcium will be absorbed into teeth and increase its protection against decay,” he said. “They also promote your salivary glands to wash away food debris while protecting teeth from acids that weaken them, and the calcium and phosphorous helps to remineralize the enamel.” Add Swiss cheese to your sandwich or cheddar to a baked potato.

Green, Leafy Veggies

Leafy green veggies contain calcium which fights acid image: warrengoldswain

Leafy green veggies contain calcium which fights acid. image: warrengoldswain

Like cheese, green, leafy veggies contain acid-fighting calcium that helps keep them strong and clean. Start your meal with a spinach salad or see what the kale buzz is all about.


what to eat for whiter teeth

An apple a day can help keep yellow teeth away. image: stepan popov

We’d say an apple a day keeps the dentist away, but Passes says getting a quality treatment at least twice a year is a must no matter how well you’re eating, brushing and flossing. Still, fibrous rich foods like apples boast natural cleansing abilities. “When you bite into an apple, the fiber brushes the debris off your teeth,” Passes said. Not into apples? Carrots will also do the trick.

Pro Tip: Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Chew sugar-free gum three times a day after meals and diminish tooth decay. “Every time you chew food, you lose the minerals within your enamel,” Passes said. Saliva, which chewing gum stimulates, serves as the body’s natural healing mechanism and helps rebuild the tooth. “To be brutally honest, you could get the same results by chewing on a rubber band.” But who would want to go that far?

What to Avoid: Citrus

Eat highly acidic foods like oranges in moderation image: lcsdesign

Eat highly acidic foods like oranges in moderation. image: lcsdesign

You want to get your vitamin C fix, but that doesn’t mean you should drink orange juice 10 times per day. “The acid in the fruit robs the teeth of minerals.” Stick to the daily recommended values, and avoid sucking on lemons and oranges.

Eating well will help brighten your smile, but you should still come in for check-ups. For service catered to your smile, call the Passes Dental Care office at 516-858-5923 or visit