Navigate to CowFish and Rumba for 5 Delicious Dishes

You’ve shuttled between CowFish and Rumba by sea on the RumBarge, but now you can enjoy the sister restaurant’s famous fare on your own vessel. The popular restaurants launched the Captain’s “Big-to-Go” menu in April to give boaters the chance to anchor down and dig in boat side or dockside.

“We have a love for the water,” said Rachel Hersh, who owns Cowfish and Rumba with her husband David. “There’s really nothing better than enjoying a day on the water with friends and not having to worry about packing lunch and dinner.”

When your stomach starts rumbling louder than the engine, navigate to either CowFish or Rumba’s dock for shared appetizers or surf and turf dinner. Five dishes stand out on a menu of stand outs.

Oysters Hampton

Long Island’s fish of the moment gets a comforting twist when sage fried and dipped in reggiano creamed spinach, garlic aioli and sriracha. They taste just as good, if not better, with a bottle of bubbly. If you can’t come up with a reason to celebrate, here’s one: it’s summer and you live on Long Island.

Blackened Fish Sandwich

The flaky, Cajun grilled mahi mahi is to-die-for, but the housemate tartar just might make the meal. Creamy with a hint of lemon, it gives the sandwich its signature kick.

Clam Chowder

Yes, it’s summer. Yes, it’s hot. But CowFish’s clam chowder, a multi-year winner of the Hampton Bays Clam Chowder Contest, is too good to pass up. The broth is creamy, the clams are cooked to perfection and you won’t even notice you’re eating piping hot soup on a 90-degree day as you’re slurping it down without shame.

Shrimp Tacos

Taco Tuesday (or Friday or Saturday…) takes a Caribbean inspired turn at Rumba. Fried shrimp, island slaw, passion fruit aioli, mango, sriacha and eel sauce are stuffed into a hard shell for a dish that’s equal parts sugar and spice.

CowFish Burger

Forget the fuss and the frills and just order a burger—with cheese and a side of fries, of course. No need to choose between mustard and mayo, CowFish’s signature burger slathers on both.

Yes, that’s your stomach growling. Make a reservation at CowFish and Rumba