4 NYC Hidden Gems

People from all over the globe make their way to New York City to visit Times Square, One World Trade and Broadway. Many visitors aren’t aware of all the hidden gems Manhattan has to offer. I did some digging and found four treasures buried deep within various neighborhoods on the island, so from our screen to yours, check out these spots before the general public swoops in and the temperature drops.

The Boat Basin Café

Located at 79th Street on the edge of the Hudson River, take an Uber to the very end of the road and prepare for a confused look from your driver. Head down the winding hidden staircase in the park, and as you descend, you’ll start to hear something: music. Enter through an archway and look up to see an opening with seating, a bar and views of the river. Don’t be alarmed by the beeps and honks, you’ll be below the middle of a traffic circle. Go.

Whispering Gallery

New York City, USA - November 3, 2011: Landmark Oyster Bar and Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal in New York City on November 3, 2011. Considered one of the secrets of New York, this legendary spot is known as the Whispering Gallery because the acoustics and arches can make a whisper sound like a shout. Grand Central Terminal is one of the most visited tourist attractions, bringing in approximately 21,600,000 visitors annually.

Hush, hush and head over to the archway in front of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. Grab a friend, go to separate diagonal sides and whisper something sweet—they’ll hear it loud and clear on the opposite end due to the acoustic construction of the arches. Go.


No, my fingers did not get stuck on the M key. Mmuseumm is a carefully curated set of miscellaneous items of the “current world,” such as the The Message is the Medium, an exhibition about what Donald Trump’s products say about him. Pop into this mini museum hidden in a lower Manhattan freight elevator to see other quirky, fun pieces on display. Go.

Pierpont Morgan’s 1906 Library

Pierpont Morgan’s Library at The Morgan Library & Museum, Photography by Graham Haber, 2014

Pierpont Morgan’s Library at The Morgan Library & Museum, Photography by Graham Haber, 2014

Tucked in the depths of The Morgan Library and Museum is Pierpont Morgan’s 1906 Library, a literary lover’s dream library. Morgan had this structure built across the street from his home to house his ever-growing rare book collection. The library has sky-high ceilings, an elevator to get from one set of shelves to the above, marble details and an expansive array of art. Go. 

Tell us: what hidden gems do you go to in NYC?