VIDEO: 4 Furry Friends Looking for a Home


North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington has four furry friends who have traveled far and wide in search of a forever home. Make one (or more) of these four-legged companions a member of the family and show them the best of what Long Island has to offer.

Nellie is a small yet spunky cattle dog terrier mix. The cattle dog in Nellie makes her a high-energy gal who would do best in an active household with a fenced-in backyard. She is friendly, housebroken and has the most adorable freckles. Fun fact: cattle dogs are part of the herding group and pure instinct prompts them to gently corral other animals or children of the family.

Peter Parker is a hound collie mix who was rescued from Virginia. He is very smart, but at six months still enjoys acting like a goofy older puppy. You can’t miss his curiosity—his nose is always on the chase, a common hound trait.

Another Virginia rescue, Kody is a Shepherd hound mix. He is affectionate and is quick to make friends with any dog or child he meets. His natural zest for life is part of his charm—Shepherd’s are known to be very family-orientated with a loyalty and focus that will remain untouched.

Cheyenne is a young Chihuahua mix rescued from Tennessee. She is very sweet but is sensitive because of her size. She makes for an ideal apartment dog and lap warmer on nippy nights. But don’t let her small stature fool you, Chihuahuas are extremely good watch dogs because of their big ears and strong sense of hearing.