5 Burgers to Try in Huntington

see if you can handle the heat of this burger

Vauxhall’s Chef Michael Meehan is primed to put a twist on the Great Burger Battle competition using creative ingredients like ghost peppers and spicy yuzu ketchup. To get a taste of what’s to come when the battle hits Shorefront Park Aug. 14, sample five must-try burgers on your next trip to this Brooklyn-style eatery.

Breakfast Binge
The runny, sunny side up egg that sits atop a juicy patty is perfect for the late risers who aren’t sure if they should start their day with breakfast or lunch. It brings morning flavor to a typical afternoon dish and aged cheddar cheese gives each bite a sharp finish. Brunch is better with bacon, and this one delivers a pair of crispy, thick-cut slices.

Evil Sal
Spicy food lovers, this one’s for you. Oozing with pepper jack cheese and slathered with spicy ghost pepper marmalade the Evil Sal brings some seriously sweet heat. The patty is crowned with a golden fried onion ring and assembled on a soft pretzel roll.

Kitchen Sink
This burger packs so much punch, it’s amazing it fits on one warm brioche bun. There’s crispy bacon, melted pepper jack cheese, slow-cooked short ribs, three-cheese mac ‘n cheese and crumbled barbecue chips for a nice burst of smoky flavor. If you still have room for the side of fries after finishing it, let us know because you should probably win something.

Ramen Burger
Double down on carbs and protein. The Ramen Burger is made with a crispy noodle bun, a burger and tender braised pork-belly. A spicy yuzu ketchup completes this Asian-influenced dish.

Chick Pea Edamame Burger
Not your average vegan patty, this burger is made with fresh-ground chickpeas and served on a hearty whole grain bun. The soybean hummus is so scrumptious it should be served as a solo dish, and the pickled peppers give it a sweet crunch.