5 Things to Eat at North Fork Table and Inn

North Fork Table and Inn is celebrating its 10th year of serving seasonally inspired cuisine in Southold, but it’s the new à la carte menu that has everybody talking. Chef Stephan Bogardus, who took over the kitchen in November 2016, lets diners order individual dishes from either the three-or five-course tasting menu. To help you figure out what dishes to indulge in, I caught up with Bogardus to learn about some of the recent crowd-pleasers.

Salad of Bio-Dynamic Tomatoes


image: north fork table and inn

Bogardus’ combination of tomatoes and smoked blue cheese is tastebud heaven. The tomatoes are lightly macerated in cherry vinegar about a half hour prior to service. “The acidity from the vinegar adds depth and fluidity to the feeling of the tomatoes on the palate, which creates moisture under the tongue. The timeframe concentrates the flavor, but is not meant to create a pool of tomato liquid on the plate.” They sit on a mountain of smoked blue cheese spread with some focaccia croutons, basil and red onion for a delicious spin on your garden favorites.

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare


image: north fork table and inn

Plucked 90 miles off the coast of Montauk, North Fork Table and Inn’s tuna is as fresh as it comes. The fish is served in a traditional Japanese ponzu sauce made with wine vinegar, soy peppercorn, ginger and a little bit of chive. The crispy taro chips on the side are a salty tooth’s delight.

Rack of Lamb

Nothing says “special occasion” like four bones of juicy lamb. Served with a ragù of veggies like corn, fava beans and chanterelle mushrooms, the rack of lamb is a well-balanced entrée. Think of it as the ultimate food pyramid.

Coconut Tapioca with Passion Fruit Sorbet

NorthForkTableInn_0000_Layer 3

image: north fork table and inn

Pairing coconut and passion fruit is nothing new. Coating the combo in light basil syrup, as Bogardus does, is. One bite of the coconut tapioca with passion fruit is equal parts sweet and savory. A rich caramel sauce and crispy coconut flakes make cooling off wonderfully tangy.

Oyster Palm Farms Raspberry Meringue Sandwich

NorthForkTableInn_0002_Layer 1

image: north fork table and inn

Three different colored berries mean one thing—three times the flavor. Black, red and gold berries drizzled over a chilled sorbet, creamy yogurt and a frothy sabayon give guests a refreshing fruity dessert that gets better with every bite. “The sabayon adds some richness to the dish, while the raspberry sorbet cools it down and adds to the intensity of the berries.” The toasted pistachio nuts and sweet meringue disks sprinkled on top totally trump traditional whipped cream and cherries.

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