5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

Seasons change and trends fade, but a timeless piece of jewelry never loses its air of regality. No one would know better than Esther Fortunoff, who relaunched the Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, which her mother began in the 1957, online in 2010 and in an Old Westbury store in 2014.

“Good jewelry lasts forever,” said Esther Fortunoff. “Whether you’re helping your daughter start her jewelry collection or adding to yours, we always recommend having some foundation pieces.”

Consider these five pieces something worth investing in, wearing over and over again and someday handing down to a granddaughter.


Put a unique spin on classic pearls with a Tahitian Pearl necklace at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry.

Put a unique spin on classic pearls with a Tahitian Pearl necklace at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry.

Gatsby-era gals threw on long strands of pearls before heading out the dance the Charleston, and style icons like Kate Middleton and Sarah Jessica Parker have them in their jewelry boxes today. Fortunoff recommends every woman have one “opera length” strand that’s 36 inches long. “They can be worn long and loose, doubled or knotted.” Make it even more versatile by opting for mystery clasps so you can wear it as a single stand or a double choker, and be sure to get a pair of matching earrings.

Hoop Earrings


Fortunoff has classic and decked-out hoop earrings that can be worn at the office or to a more formal affair.

Fortunoff is a huge fan of hoop earrings. “They can be worn on weekend errands or to a cocktail party.” If you only buy one pair, Fortunoff recommends going for a 1-inch diameter. “It looks good on almost everyone–it’s neither too big nor too small.” If you love hoops as much as Fortunoff, invest in a small diamond hoop and a dramatic oversized one.

Classic Bracelet


Every woman should have something to grace her wrist. This goldtone cuff bracelet with clear crystal and peach glass, available at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, makes a statement without screaming.

“No matter what your style, every woman should have something to grace her wrist.” If you like to make a statement, spring for a bold, chunky cuff. More understated ladies can slip on a sleek bangle. The peach-colored glass and crystals on this thin goldstone cuff bracelet make it the best of both worlds.

Diamond Studs


Diamond stud earrings are the ultimate jewelry box basic. Find the right amount of sparkle at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry.

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but bigger is not always better. “Pick a size that matches your lifestyle and personality so you get the most wear.” Fortunoff recommends starting with a half to three-quarter carat in each earring. A diamond cluster can be more affordable and give the same look. The below chart can help you find your ideal diamond stud size.

Find your perfect diamond studs at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry

Find your perfect diamond studs at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry

Small Pendants


Wear this disc in circle diamond pendant, available at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, on its own or layer it.

Layering isn’t just for sweaters. It’s been a mainstay when it comes to wearing necklaces, too, and a small pendant is the perfect place to start. “It becomes the base of layering–or it is understated on its own.” The disc in this circle diamond pendant, adorned with 70 diamonds, looks just as stunning on its own as it does layered with a longer piece.

Find the pieces you’ll love forever at Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, 1504 Old Country Road, Westbury and fortunoffjewelry.com