10 Ways to Win Trivia This September

George Washington was passionate about breeding mules. He received his first one from the King of Spain. “Royal Gift” wasn’t the first mule in America, but he was the first Spanish one.

The Atacama Desert in SouthAmerica is considered to be the driest non-polar place in the world. Average rainfall there is a half-inch or less, although there are some spots that scientists believe have never seen rain.

One size fits all? Nope. The U.S. military uses fashion designers to create uniforms that are weather- , fire- , chemical- and melt-resistant and that fit.

The standard 52-card deck that’s used in poker, magic shows and solitaire is known as a French deck.

About a fifth of American adults sport a tattoo somewhere on their body.

Early pro baseball games only required one or two umpires at each game; the third and fourth umpires were added for the 1909 World Series and only appeared post-season, until 1952, when the four-ump crew became mandatory.

Football rules once specifically banned helmets made of papier-mâché.

The average American man owns a dozen pairs of shoes. The average American woman owns just over twice that.

Until the beginning of World War I, pink was thought to be a stronger color and, therefore, appropriate for little boys. Blue was considered to be daintier and best for little girls. Not until the 1940s was the pink/blue conundrum established as we know it today.