Accessories to Rock This Fall

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Opulence reigns supreme in accessories and sartorial embellishments this season. The motif is centered on 17th century artistic stylings focused on fluid motion and ostentation. Since then, it has been used during fashion’s most dramatic periods (think flappers, psychedelia, disco) to radiate a royal disposition that upgrades a minimalistic frock, shapeless silhouette or carefully sculpted modern ensemble. Look for over-the-top details and exaggerated patterns and go luxe from head to toe.

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On the flip side of extravagant is an edgy, flashy aesthetic (that is equally peacocky, in its own way). Mesh notions that recall fishnet stockings are everywhere, perfect for channeling 70s LES punk or 30s cabaret noir. Designers are also placing stripes, laces and hardware front and center—even when paired with 5” heels—to make bold, rebellious statements. The effect is something like a cross between a racecar driver and an art hound.