Breathe Easy With The Air Purifier

Fall is knocking on our doors, bringing lower temps that will keep windows closed for longer periods of time. Recycled air within the home is not exactly part of healthy living—you and Fido are breathing the same oxygen and toxins are not being driven out. Enter the air purifier. The trick is finding one that is discreet and style driven, rather than bulky and unsightly. Combining sleek modern design with NASA technology, the Airocide purifier is as much an attractive piece of décor as it is an appliance. Its low-profile, high-style wood grain and metal casing means the Airocide can be easily incorporated into any room of the house, be it on a tabletop or hung on the wall. The advanced filter-less tech breaks down airborne pathogens at a molecular level—a process originally designed to eliminate ethylene gas on the Space Station. Think of what it can to do to simple Earth-bound air. $599;