Rockin’ End of Summer Playlist

The end of summer brings back memories. As we pack away beach towels, we can’t help but reminisce on those balmy days with toes in the sand. Before stowing away the final pair of sandals, throw one last bash in line with the nostalgic feel and savor the top songs from years past. From rock and roll to alternative rock, these jams are sure to keep the good vibes rolling all week long.

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Smooth: Carlos Santana

An electric guitar lead within a strong Latin rock style prepares anyone for a well-deserved night out. Vocals featuring Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas describe the singer’s desire for a smooth-looking partner who’s playing hard to get. He tells her how interested he is and makes it easy: either she says yes or he moves on.

Mr. Jones: Counting Crows

A unique percussion tempo mixed with a little alternative rock made this song, written by lead singer and songwriter Adam Duritz, Counting Crows’ first hit single. He wrote it after a night out with best friend Marty Jones, which consisted of looking at beautiful women and wishing they were famous.

Piano Man: Billy Joel

There’s no mistaking this timeless hit once the harmonica kicks in. The repetitious melody and limerick like lyrics make this a karaoke-night favorite.

Take It Easy: Eagles

Yes, it is as simple as the name implies. Enjoy these last warm, care-free days before reality sets in. Even though “Take It Easy” isn’t advice Glenn Frey is attempting to give his listeners—it’s a mantra he’s desperately trying to internalize himself.

Just Like Heaven: The Cure

This harmony transports listeners to those dreamy afternoons near the seashore with a loved one. The central hook is formed from a descending guitar rift that appears at the start and between certain verses, which transitions into a gently chiming melody.

Dancing In The Dark: Bruce Springsteen

Go somewhere or do something you never have before—and put fear on the backburner. Springsteen took his own advice and experimented with tempo synthesizer rifts and a variety of unexpected rhythms in this song and rocked it to the top of the charts almost everywhere in the world.

Hey Jude: The Beatles

“Hey Jude” is an uplifting ballad that continues to inspire the masses through three simple chords. The vocal performance conveys much of the journey and brings comfort to others while weighing the bands’ own feelings and situations in the process.