6 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

Crisp air and cool breezes often sweep in the desire to improve our nesting spaces. As disappointing as it is to see summer go, a change in seasons is the perfect opportunity to catch up on those much-needed renovations. Interior decorator Jeffrey Weldler of Vant Wall Panels shared expert tips on making the most of your next maintenance project.

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Door Wreath

Thanksgiving wreath hanging on residential door

image: gjs

Pay tribute to the motifs of harvest season by adding some fall foliage, colorful ribbon or burlap accents to an autumn wreath. Bundles of dried cornstalks contribute to the authenticity of the season. “They look great placed on each side of your front door, along with your fall plants and mums.” Not to mention, signage, wreaths and artificial leaf garlands fare beautifully on the backs of rocking or Adirondack chairs situated on the front porch.

Plan for Cold Weather

Wrap pipes with insulated tape to restrict them from breaking during the coldest parts of winter. “A good habit to get into is keeping your cabinet doors open at night to allow heat to penetrate under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.” With that in mind, the furnace should be serviced every two or three months to ensure that it operates at high capacity. High-efficiency furnaces should be serviced monthly for optimal performance.

Keep Cold Air Out

Run a blanket or rug along the bottom of doors to prevent cold air from seeping through. “When air leaks through the bottom of the door, heating ventilation is forced to work harder to compensate. This means your furnace will run longer and your HVAC system will be less efficient.”

Turn the Bedroom Into a Retreat

Luxury bedroom interior

image: kasiam

Decorate using complementary shades of brown, yellow and orange for pillow covers, bedspreads and blankets. “Bringing in fall-inspired colors provides a feeling of warmth and comfort to the home.” Follow suit with cinnamon or pumpkin spice candles to fill your bedroom with a peaceful harvest vibe. The smell of those warm spices gently wafting throughout the house is enough to keep you comfy and energized for cooler months.

Swap Out Throw Pillows

Replace bright summer colors with browns, navy, plum and emerald green for a soothing seasonal effect. Don’t forget about the fabrics—swap cotton linens out “with heavier fabrics like velvet, fur and cable knit to fulfill the need for warmth and coziness.” For a more authentic aura, pick up autumn themed pillows at a local home goods store. “Burlap fabrics with touches of gold and bronze are a great way to have a more direct fall feel without compromising on the season’s signature colors of orange and brown.”

Decorate with a Throw

Once your breath becomes visible, it’s natural to spend more time indoors snuggling around the TV or fireplace. Stock up on a few oversized soft, cozy throws in autumn tones such as deep green, brown, navy or plum that look lovely draped over couches and feel even better bundled around you.

For more tips on how to make your home sweeter, look out for the October issue of Pulse out later this month.