The Mill Sweeps Into Southampton

The Mill in Water Mill has undergone a serious makeover. Once home to video rental shops and pizza parlors, the 29,000-square-foot space recently welcomed The Cool Zone Cryotherapy, Tight and Erika Bloom Pilates, which opened June 14. SoulCycle, a center hotspot since July 2013, now has some like-minded neighbors. 

“We are trying to make a difference by caring who we put in and making sure they are both good operators and know how to service the community,” said Peter Ripka, co-founder of Ripco Real Estate Corp.

The change fits the growing trends of health, wellness and fitness communities, which have been sweeping the Island.

“We felt the property was being underutilized by prior owners and thought we could create a niche that would be well received by the market place, especially since people are more concerned with what they’re putting in their bodies these days,” said Richard Birdoff, principal and president of RD Management.

In addition to the upscale fitness centers, RD Management and co-owners Ripco Real Estate Corp. are in talks with up-and-coming gourmet food shops that offer healthier fast casual choices than a typical drive-thru. Restaurants with Mediterranean, Italian or American fare are all on the table as possible options. A café where people can meet up with workout buddies for a pre-sweat session light bite and coffee is also in the works.

“There is great synergy between the various establishments,” said Birdoff. “The restaurants attract the health conscious and allow them to grab something before or after they work out.”

And people can work out in style. Over the next year, The Mill plans on including numerous retail spaces selling athleisure clothing like Columbia, Patagonia, LL Bean, Athleta or Lululemon. Birdoff said there will also be a spa, where people can give tired muscles some TLC.

“Since the Hamptons is about the outdoors, health, beauty and wellness, it’s important for us to put in retailers that cater to those categories,” said Ripka. “A spa certainly meshes well with the fitness category.”

Consider a massage a reward for a workout well done.