‘Tis the Season for Pumpkin Cuisine

There’s more to pumpkins than meets the eye. These gourds, which look festive on doorsteps this time of year, are rich in vital antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen our vision. A single serving of pumpkin contains more than the daily requirement of vitamin A, which has been associated with optical health and preservation of night eyesight. It’s no wonder so many eateries have been putting pumpkin medleys on menus. Dig in at five New York restaurants serving delectable pumpkin fare.

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Stew Leonard’s, Farmingdale

Sourced from local pumpkin growers throughout the state of Connecticut, Stew Leonard’s will sell more than 270,000 pumpkins this fall, including mini, gourmet and sugar varieties. Don’t leave without trying the fresh pumpkin bread or the raved-about cream cheese filled pumpkin mini-muffins. They’re ideal for an after-lunch treat or family party dessert. Go.

The Cup, Wantagh

image: kirin_photo

image: kirin_photo

How could the classic pumpkin pie not make the cut? Satisfy that sweet tooth craving the right way and order the seasonal treat before it’s too late. For those feeling a little more indulgent, à la mode is the way to go. Go.

Dean & DeLuca, NYC

Dean & DeLuca currently has unique pumpkin-themed selections that can be ordered online and shipped anywhere. The spot’s artisanal pumpkin spice simple syrup can be used creatively in coffee, champagne cocktails or mixed with soda. Another well-regarded delicacy is the maple-infused pumpkin butter that’s sweetened with pure Michigan maple syrup and seasoned with pumpkin pie spices. But save room for the pumpkin bruschetta blended with rosemary and sage for a savory twist on your garden favorites. Go.

Love Lane Kitchen, Mattituck


This comfy kitchenette lets visitors sleep in without the guilt by serving up pancakes every day until 2pm. This time of year, pumpkin tops the blackboard list, which hangs in the dining room. Consider a quintessential autumn breakfast, followed by wine tastings and pumpkin picking, the perfect excuse to make it a day-trip on the East End. Go.

Crazy Crepe Café, Selden/Smithtown/Ronkonkoma/Mount Sinai

Brunch enthusiasts, welcome to your new stomping ground. Crazy Crepe Café is back with some delicious fall favorites like the pumpkin pie smoothie and the pumpkin crepes infused with melted marshmallows, cinnamon, graham cracker crumbs and vanilla crème. You could say it’s all treat with no tricks. Go.