Halloween Costumes Worthy of a Grandeur Evening

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Halloween costumes are sure to be a dime a dozen this year. But I vote you keep it classy and original. Couple elegance with sophistication by donning a Halloween costume worthy of an evening of grandeur. These five styles are sure to stand out in a room full of pantsuits and crazy hair.

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1920’s Gatsby Flapper


image: thebluehour95

Experience that speakeasy allure by conjuring your inner flapper. Sleeveless, shapeless dresses sometimes with sequined, fringe or feather details all fit the bill. Accessorize with diamond tiaras and long, layered pearl necklaces. Inch closer towards Daisy Buchanan appeal with an elaborate feather fan.

1920’s Gangster


Think striped suits, colorful or printed neckties and fedoras with distinctive front pinches and wide, pliable rims. As for footwear, it’s time to bring out your two-tone shoes: wingtips, black dress shoes with white spats or cap toes with brown and cream patterns all do the trick.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe remains the ultimate style muse. Sport one of her signature looks by donning a white halter dress made famous in the iconic subway grating scene in the 1955 flick The Seven Year Itch. Large diamond earrings required, platinum blonde wig optional but recommended.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


image: trendlerden

Break out those LBDs—it’s time to rock Audrey Hepburn’s famous and unmistakable fashion staple. In the movie, she flaunts a black satin sheath sleeveless floor-length gown, but halter styles that accentuate the shoulders and wrap dresses with diamond accessories can be all the more glamorous. Elbow-length gloves, a tiara and a cigarette holder will really put the look over the top.

Gold Coast Gentleman

Act like you own the place sporting a matching two or three-piece suit, straw Panama hat and striped bowtie or necktie. A walking cane, pocket watch on a chain, gloves and white dress shoes are sure to set you apart.