Elevie Into the Future

One New Yorker believes he has found a way to speed forward in time. Sam Jih, a business consultant, began his lifestyle brand Elevie just a few years ago to sell a gadget no vino lover will want to do without this season: the Elevie wine-maturing badge.

The badge reduces the wine maturation process, which is essentially chemical reactions over periods of time, from years (those pricey bottles on the menu) to minutes by stimulating the wine with infrared—and all while the glass sits on the table in front of you.

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Simply stick the badge to the side of the glass, pour in wine and let it sit.

“Maturing should take as little as three minutes to change the wine to suit the desired flavor palate. The badge is reusable, and can be peeled off the glass and replaced in its carrying case.”

Elevie evolved when Jih connected with a friend of his uncles who had patented a special material that makes chemicals react faster by reflected infrared. The friend commissioned Jih to build a business around the product, prompting him to establish his own brand. The name Elevie is a made-up word that combines elevate and life, two of the maturation badge’s cornerstones.

“I believe the badge is revolutionary and the only sustainable enabler that exists for wines and spirits that have not yet tapped into its full potential. I love seeing people’s minds blown by the results of using it. To know that there is something you can do to elevate the every glass of wine gives the consumer much more power.”

Admittedly, Jih knows not all wine aficionados are interested.

“Not everyone cares, that’s for sure. But you don’t know what you don’t know. And until everyone who could potentially care knows the badge exists, as unqualified as I am, I’ll keep going.”