Building The Perfect Home Office

Commuting through Long Island traffic is enough to drive anyone crazy. Some offices offer employees a chance to work from home from time to time or permanently. The problem is, cluttered spaces and an abundance of cat photos at home can be distracting, making that daily trek to the office necessary for productivity. Create an office space that allows you to be efficient at home and still keep your work and personal life separate.

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Finding the Space

“An at-home office is typically in a personal room where guests aren’t able to see it. Four places you can usually find an at home office is a spare bedroom, a spot in your basement, a den/second living room and lastly your own personal bedroom,” said Andrea Simone, a buyer at France and Son.

For those who don’t have extra room available for a home office, Simone recommends creating a pop-up office by using a spare counter in the kitchen or sliding a small desk into your den or bedroom. Any hard surface with drawers can be turned into a workable office space.

Choosing the Desk

The desk is the most important part of the space, and the style you choose should reflect your work needs.

“It’s important to make sure you choose a desk with at least one drawer or compartment of some sort,” advised Simone. That way you can store away private paperwork and leave your workspace looking clean and organized at night.



Decorating the Desk

Keeping the clutter off of your desk is a must. Try and have as few things as possible. If the desk has a more open surface, try an organizer. A wastebasket with a pattern to match the organizer makes for a fun touch. A desk lamp is essential, especially during winter months when daylight often ends before the work does.

It’s also important to have a printer, copier and fax machine. A paper shredder isn’t a must, but might be useful for accountants and other professionals who handle confidential information.

Adding Details

Decorating the room as a whole is the last step. Avoid anything distracting (like cat photos that are infinitely more adorable than a nagging boss). Simone said hanging an inspirational quote, a photo of a favorite memory, a college diploma or simple artwork can be motivational during the daily grind.

The color of your office should also reflect your personality. Go bold with orange or minimalist with a simple white—whatever makes you happy. Simone said current trends include, “[A] light peach, light blue, beige and subtle stripes in colors of your choosing.”

The final detail is the office throne— the chair. Try finding something that matches the room’s theme, but is still comfortable after several hours of sitting. If style is more important than comfort, Simone suggested buying a backrest.



Final Tips:

1) Set a budget for your office, one that you feel comfortable with.

2) Watch a little HGTV if you’re new to the decorating or designing process.

3) Check out Pinterest for some unique and simple office ideas.

4) Slowly assimilate things to make the perfect office; it can’t be built all in one day.

5) Don’t be afraid to change something in your office you’re not thrilled about, your office is your place of existence.

Your office is where you’re in charge, so make sure anything you add works for you!