Dress Smart

As technology evolves, we are getting smarter about everything. For better or worse, this includes our bodies, especially through wearable tech à la Fitbits and smartwatches. But new technology is allowing for full-body applications worthy of even the strictest of training. Mount Athos in northeastern Greece is the namesake for people (and things) willing to innovate to new heights. Athos smart apparel draws inspiration from this paragon. The apparel uses sensors integrated in the fabric to track muscle activity and biosignal, and shares feedback with its companion iPhone app. Available as either a long-sleeved shirt, pants or shorts, the durable compression garments are designed to evaluate how hard each muscle is working as well as monitor heart rate. The wearer can then review their most recent workout on the app and get pointers for improving form and reaching recommended targets. When the core sensor is removed, the clothing is hand washable. Lower body kits for men and women: $348, upper body kits for men: $398, upper body kits for women coming soon; liveathos.com