This Season is All About Shine

This season there was a shimmering display of mirror-like finishes on the runway. Versace went all out heavy metal with glaring head-to-toe high shine looks—one model walked out in a silver pilot’s jacket and matching drawstring joggers. Calvin Klein didn’t much care for subtlety either, showing a full karat gold puffer jacket.

Accessories also got the high-octane treatment. Backpacks, classic men’s brogues, cummerbunds and even ascots were seen at Versace, Calvin Klein and Balmain. Nor was the brilliance confined to the most common elements of silver, gold and bronze. Silvery pink and purple neckties and shirts also made appearances.

Pare down this in-your-face trend by mixing tinny elements with denim or perfectly tailored pants. For a look that is more glam than gaud, start with the smaller nuggets like a necktie with a neutral colored suit or throw on the brogues with a button up shirt and indigo jeans. A gold or silver cummerbund is also perfect to amp up an evening look just a notch.