Wearable Art

Artist and designer Seth Damm has elevated the humble cotton rope into haute couture. To create his Neon Zinn collection, Damm meticulously hand dyes each length of rope, then skillfully coils the strands into eye-catching works of art. The bold structure of the one-of-a-kind pieces is balanced by the softness of the organic rope, making for an easily wearable and unforgettable addition to any ensemble. The collection is inspired by the work of influential historian and activist Howard Zinn and represents humankind’s open, creative, fearless side. “When bound together, the hundreds of individual threads that make up a length of rope produce a tensile strength that maintains the softness and flexibility of each thread,” Damm said. “Howard Zinn had an optimism when it came to history and the ability of individuals to collectively make a difference. I channel that optimism and spirit when I design and produce Neon Zinn rope jewelry,” Prices range from $80 to $900- plus for large custom pieces. neonzinn.com

cyndi murray

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