Long Island Woman Finds National Success In Granola Business

Just a few years ago, Viki Sater was a stay-at-home mom living in Port Washington with her husband, three daughters and two dogs. Now, she’s the founder and owner of Viki’s Granola, the fastest growing granola brand in the nation.

Sater, who said she has a life-long passion for cooking and baking, discovered the granola business in 2009 when her daughter, Alexandra, requested that her mom make her homemade granola for an open house at Schreiber High School.

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“I was ready to go to the local bakery but she was so persistent,” Sater said.

Sater got baking. She made her granola just like she always did for her family, then, she packaged it and spent $14 in custom labels at a local storefront.

Headshot2After the bake sale, Sater got calls from the assistant principal, school nurses and parents—they all wanted Viki’s granola. “All of a sudden I got this great following, but I still wasn’t thinking about turning this into a business,” she remembered. “Six months later, I was like ‘Am I out of my mind?…I can start this into a business.”

In year one, Sater secured North Shore Farms as her first customer and moved from her home kitchen to a 2,500 square-foot commercial space in Port Washington. There, she baked her popular nut blends, all of which feature non-GMO ingredients, low sugar contents and “very simple” ingredients.

After growing out of her first commercial kitchen within two years, Sater moved into her current space in Bethpage. Today, every spoonful of Viki’s Granola is produced in this 9,000 square-foot establishment.

“We’re definitely growing so large so fast. It’s really all in the way that we make it. We’re a small enough company that it’s still made in batches and people are always so pleasantly surprised by the taste.”

Viki’s Granola comes in five flavors—original, blueberry almond, maple cranberry, banana walnut and apple cinnamon—made using the same recipes Sater used when she set up shop.New Vikis_lineup_Original

The healthy blends feature seven ingredients and unlike many other granola brands, Viki’s Granola is gluten free and sweetened only with organic honey and pure maple syrup.

“Everyone is so wowed by the fact that it’s so simple and it tastes so good.”

And by everyone, Sater means an estimated 20,000 retailers from the North Shore to the West Coast and their customers. This summer, Sater also gained Costco’s Midwest region.

“Whether it’s a chain or a local store, it’s important to me. It’s fun, the kids and their friends always send pictures when they see the product.  I just love seeing my product.”

Seeing her product on shelves in Whole Foods, Costcos, Stop & Shops and more always reminds Sater of how far she’s come.

“I’ve always wanted to be a chef but I played it safe and got an accounting degree. It’s all an accomplishment.”