4 Things to Stop Doing to Your Phone Today

In sad but true news: We spend more time with our phones than our families. More than 70 percent of US adults rarely or never turn their phones off and 90 percent frequently have their phones with them, according to PEW Research. Well, maybe it’s not all bad. Having a phone can help us stay connected to loved ones during tough times, log steps and easily access our daily calendars. But sometimes, it feels like we treat our phone like a football rather than a prized possession. We throw it in purses with water bottles, sleep next to it and drop it at the gym. And yet, Jeff Clemmensen of Miphone Doctor of Fresno, an Apple product repair company, has people come into his store daily, stunned that their phones are broken. To help save you the same hassle, he shared four ways to keep your phone damage-free.   

Get Damage Fixed ASAP

You dropped your phone on the floor. After screaming a four-letter word or five, you’re relieved to see there’s just a tiny scratch. It may not seem like much, but waiting to get it fixed can turn that tiny scratch into a major headache. “A crack in the screen is a highway for moisture and dust to get into your phone, causing corrosion of components that if left unaddressed can and will permanently disable your phone,” Clemmensen said. Book an appointment at a repair shop ASAP.

Boot Them From Your #FitFam

Don’t let your phone see you sweat. Though a sweet playlist can help gym goers to log one more mile on the treadmill, Clemmensen says if sweat gets in your phone it can cause irreparable damage. Same goes for sprinklers for those who run outside. Use an iPod shuffle instead.

Keep It Out of Your Back Pocket

People wanted thinner and lighter phones and manufacturers delivered. But just because it’s slim and trim doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to keep it in your back pocket. “We see a lot of phones here that are beyond repair because a client had it in their back pocket when they sat down.” In the worst cases, Clemmensen has seen people crack logic boards, which makes the phone inoperable and cannot be repaired.

Stay Out of the Water

This one is so obvious and yet for some reason, there are people out there who believe that they didn’t go kayaking unless they have at least three Instagram photos to prove it. “We are consistently amazed at where people take their phone and ruin it while getting wet.” Protect it with a cover or make a trek without. You’ll live and might actually enjoy the scenery.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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