3 Ways to Embrace Hillary Clinton on Long Island

Blame the Wall Street speeches, sexism, e-mail scandals, media, but voters report struggling to find Hillary Clinton relatable—even if her father did something with drapes. Though her politics and past may not be your cup of tea, Clinton has proven to be a fan of Long Island over the years. Who can blame her? The East End in particular, known for its spotty Internet connection, provides a welcome respite from Donald Trump’s spontaneous Twitter rampages, work-related e-mails flooding personal inboxes and all things Fox News. Whether you plan to embrace her as a candidate or not, take a page out of Clinton’s book and visit three spots she’s hit recently.

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Garden City Hotel

Before the first of three ugly debates, Clinton prepared at the Garden City Hotel. There’s no word if she came up with “Trumped Up Trickle Down Economics” in the comforts of one of the 269 spacious guest rooms and suites, but the spot is perfect for a staycation. The 142-year-old hotel, known for drawing other distinguished visitors including the Kennedys and Vanderbilts, is sure to help guests kiss Election Stress Disorder goodbye in rooms with plush pillows and sparkling baths. A trip to the Red Door Spa, which offers facials, peels and massages, is a must for Twitter addicts looking to unplug. Before heading home, take a seat on a tufted red chair at Polo Steakhouse and toast to a pending move to Canada with a mimosa at Sunday brunch. Go


Chill out in the crowd-free Hamptons

Chill out in the crowd-free Hamptons

The Clintons have frequented the Hamptons for years, even campaigning in Water Mill and East Hampton this summer, but in 2014 and ’15 opted for a quiet bayfront home in Amagansett. On an unseasonably warm day, play hooky, pack a lunch and picnic in Amagansett Square. Since famous roadside seafood shack Lobster Roll, where Bill Clinton has made a pit stop, is closed, head to cozy pub Indian Wells Tavern. The casual spot serves comfort food like seafood pasta with lobster, shrimp and scallops and grilled ribeye in generous portions, guaranteeing a food coma that will allow diners to temporarily forget the state of the union. Go (Amagansett Square) | Go (Indian Wells Tavern)

Book Revue in Huntington

If you're sick of election coverage, escape with a book image: book revue

If you’re sick of election coverage, escape with a book. image: book revue

It was standing room only when Clinton came to this popular independent bookstore to sign copies of “Hard Choices” in August 2014. Ditch the Kindle and browse shelves full of books by an eclectic mix of authors, including local independent writers and global names such as Julie Andrews. The cozy cafe is an ideal place to start (and finish) that page-turner, cup of joe in hand. Go 

Stay tuned Friday for ways to embrace Trump on Long Island.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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