5 Things to Eat at Verde Wine Bar & Ristorante

Verde Wine Bar & Ristorante in Deer Park will be joining about 25 other top local restaurants serving up tasty dishes at Pulse’s annual Island Tasting charity event on Nov. 17 at Coindre Hall in Huntington to benefit Island Harvest Food Bank.

Turns out, the restaurant will also unveil a new dish at the event that executive chef and partner James Ahearn said will be added to Verde’s winter menu. Ahearn leaked some details about that item and four of his eatery’s other plates you won’t want to miss.

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Cotenne, a pork skin braciole, is the highly anticipated appetizer that will be added to the winter menu come January. “You take pork skin, roll it, cook it for about six hours in a veal stock and top it with a gremolata,” Ahearn said.

Roasted Clams Vecchio

This dish incorporates Sarvecchio Sartori Parmesan, shallot and citrus and is topped with glazed pork belly. Ahearn says it’s “just a really good, different version of clams casino,” adding that the Wisconsin-style Parmesan gives it a sharp flavor.


Fregola is a type of semolina pasta from Sardinia. Verde’s dish is made with toasted fregola, scungilli, scallops, calamari, chorizo tomato broth and a prawn to create a fish stew. “There’s a different texture to each seafood,” Ahearn said.

Chicken Gizzards

Under the “offals & etc” section of the menu, Ahearn insists diners must give this a try. The gizzards are made with root vegetable, horseradish and a cured egg yolk on top.

Strube Ranch Wagyu Sirloin

The message here is not to fuss with great ingredients. Verde roasts the top-quality Strube Ranch wagyu sirloin on a flat top before topping it with garlic butter for a perfect touch. It comes with a side of Japanese sweet potato sformato that’s baked in a mold so that it comes out looking like a cupcake, but it’s a potato.

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