LaGuardia Travel Hacks That Discharge Emotional Baggage

Traveling by plane doesn’t have to revolve around confusion, crowds and barely restrained chaos. There are simple ways to navigate LaGuardia that discharge emotional baggage and soar above the standards. Five LaGuardia Airport travel hacks keep you cool, calm and collected all year long.

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Flight itinerary

Afternoon times are known to fly under the radar—especially during slower periods around 1:30pm. Delays are always a possibility, but during the middle of the day it’s much easier to adjust your schedule.

If there are delays


Relax in LaGuardia’s Marine Air Terminal when things aren’t going as planned. The remarkable Art Deco building from 1937 previously housed PanAm’s seaplanes, renowned for the first transatlantic flight. It’s now home to the Delta Shuttle. Foodies can stress eat their frustrations away with a sandwich or slice of pizza at the Yankee Clipper, one of the oldest non-chain airport restaurants. Take the inter-terminal route A bus to get there.

Skip the security line


Flying first class and paying five figures isn’t the only way. Purchase Global Entry ($100) or TSA PreCheck ($85), both of which get you past the security velvet rope and into a less rambunctious line of people. Best part is, you’ll get to keep your shoes on.



The airport only offers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi. Ensure you never miss an Instagram by signing up for Boingo before heading to LaGuardia Airport. Expect good coverage in most public areas throughout the terminals.



No, your eyes aren’t playing any tricks on you. A glass of red, a glass of white or crisp ale can make anyone’s day a little less hectic. Located in the heart of the Central Terminal, on the food court level, Todd English’s Figs warm, rustic ambiance invites conversation and lingering with a second glass or bottle. Better yet, there’s also a smaller Figs Café, located post-security on Concourse D.