Brews and Mollusks: A Match Made in Heaven

Oysters have been popping up on menus everywhere across Long Island, which raises an important question: what brews fare best? Traditionally nitro stout beers, like Guinness, were first choice because of their creamy dry texture, but today, the craft beer revolution has the oyster lovers exploring saisons and IPAs. Eat and drink local by pairing New York oysters and brews that bring out the best in one another.

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Hoptical Illusion IPA matched with The Hood Canal, Patchogue

The Blue Point Brewery’s Hoptical Illusion is a well-balanced IPA with a citrus burst. Hood Canal oysters’ crisp and meaty flavors go hand-in-hand with the Hoptical Illusion rush of orange and grapefruit zest. The mollusks also boast a clean-ocean taste, which leaves a lot of room for customers to appreciate Hoptical’s floral finish and stick hops.

Black Duck Porter matched with The Blue Point, Greenport


image: bill robbins/

The Greenport Brewery’s Black Duck Porter is a local favorite to pair with oysters. Its flavor-forward malt and mild hops complement oysters from either coast, particularly Blue Point oysters. Crisp with a mild brininess, Blue Point oysters accentuate this porter’s full body flavor and roasty dry finish. Strong notes of cocoa and coffee mixed with the Blue Point oysters refreshing taste make this the perfect local beer, local oyster combination.

Age of Reason Saison matched with Flowers, Ridgewood

When it comes to Saison, no two styles are the same. Favorite Queens watering hole Finback Brewery is serving the Age of Reason, a tart saison brewed with lactobacillus. The brew’s light tart taste is exactly what flower oysters call for: bright notes of lemon, small amounts of lactobacillus and an awakening flavor like fresh cut grass in the morning that run perfectly parallel with the flower oysters’ sweet honeydew and medium brine.