Moustache Brewing Co. Gets Big Praise

Matthew and Lauri Spitz are the husband and wife duo behind Moustache Brewing Company. Located in Riverhead, this seven BBL microbrewery produces quality brews that keep the unique homebrew spirit alive and also highlight fresh, locally grown ingredients. The small, yet lively, tasting room lures in craft beer enthusiasts with constantly changing recipes and regular fan favorites, too. In between a quick canning break, Lauri and Matt answered some questions about their beer, their fans and their business.

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How did you end up owning your own brewery?
Lauri: We started homebrewing in 2005. From our first batch, we always said it would be awesome to open a brewery, but not seriously at the time. In 2011, we decided that we were ready to take the leap. The time was right in the industry, and in our personal lives, and we went for it.

What’s the story behind the name of your brewery?
Matthew: I’ve been wearing a handlebar moustache for about seven years now, so we went with it.

How is it working with your wife/husband?
Lauri: No one ever asks this! Matt and I definitely have a very unique relationship. We have been together since 1999, so we know each other well and are so intuitive with each other. It’s similar to the relationship twins have. We can literally be on opposite sides of the brewery working and one of us will come over to say something and the other was just about to say the same thing. It’s also difficult because our work-life balance is very off. There’s no escaping “work talk” when you work and live with your business partner. There are times where one of us will just flat out say, “no work talk now,” and there’s other times, where we’re in the middle of dinner or sitting on the couch, and we come up with some awesome idea or concept. It’s a double edge sword for sure.


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What do each of you bring to the table?
Lauri: Matt is the technical side of the things. He is the one behind the actual recipe creation and brewing process.

Matthew: Lauri runs everything behind the scenes of brewing, such as admin, sales, marketing, social media, bookkeeping. Everything that is not production is Lauri’s domain. It’s a lot. We both work together to come up with new beers and concepts.

How would you describe the tasting room?
Lauri: Tiny! Our tasting room is a cozy nook off the side of the brewing area. When we are closed, it turns into work space and usually on Fridays at 2pm there is a scramble to make it up to snuff for visitors. That’s why we are only open Friday through Sunday–the tasting room doubles as part of our production space when we are brewing.

How would you describe your fans?
Matthew: Dedicated. Smart. Witty. They have exquisite taste.

What’s your most popular beer?
Matthew: Any double IPAs we make always get people excited. But as for beers that we have regularly, it would be Sailor Mouth IPA and Milk + Honey Brown Ale.

What’s on tap now?
Matthew: Milk+Honey Brown Ale, Wanderlust ESB, Black Currant Porter, Lawn Cream Ale, Life of Leisure Pale Ale, Sailor Mouth IPA, and Keep off the Grass, a wet hopped cream ale.

Is there anything new and exciting going on right now?
Lauri: We’re going for B-Corp certification and just about 50 percent of the way there. We also just won three medals at the International Beer and Cider Competition this past weekend [Nov. 5]–Gold: Wanderlust ESB, Silver: Lawn Cream Ale and Bronze: Milk+Honey Brown Ale.

Fun fact that no one knows about you.
Matthew: When I grow up, I want to have my own wood shop and be a woodworker. Making tables and chairs and other fine wooden things.

Lauri: I competed in a strongman competition last year.

Moustache Brewing Company is located at 400 Hallett Ave, Suite A, Riverhead, NY. Open Friday–Sunday, check website for hours of operation.

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