9 Ways to Sound Smart at a Cocktail Party

  1. The hottest pepper available is the hybrid Carolina Reaper at over 2 million Scoville heat units. By contrast, the jalapeño you bought at the grocery store last week could be a mere 2,500 SHU.
  2. The song “Jingle Bells” was not originally meant to be a Christmas song. It doesn’t reference that holiday, nor even the month of December.
  3. By a factor of more than seven, Mexico City has more taxicabs than New York City.
  4. One of the reasons that George Washington was elected the first President of the United States was because he had no biological children. Officials wanted him to feel as though he was everyone’s father.
  5. Only one insect is capable of pollinating food-bearing Brazil nut trees: the Euglossine, orchid bee. Because there are not enough trees, the bees also rely on rainforest orchids for nourishment, both of which they are uniquely anatomically able to reach due to their long tongues.
  6. Stay safe: winter weather kills more than twice as many people as does summer heat.
  7. Vatican City tops the list of the world’s largest consumer of wine per capita.
  8. In Ben Franklin’s day, you could get the death penalty if you were caught robbing the mail.
  9. The No. 1 food item ordered in a sit-down restaurant is fried chicken. Second most-popular: roast beef. Whiskey is the top-selling liquor.