3 Winter-Proof Indoor Fitness Tips

THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL, but there are plenty of exercises that deliver a great workout from inside the comfort of your own home.

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Robert Steigerwald, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer in Huntington, advised a fast and effective three-move routine that requires no fancy gym equipment. “I love these three in combination because they hit all the major muscle groups,” he said. Do 10 to 15 reps on each side for each move.

Strengthens: Core, glutes, shoulders
On an exercise mat, towel or carpet, get on all fours. Hands should be about shoulder-width apart and in line with knees. Reach right arm forward and stretch left leg back, flexing the foot. If it’s too tough to get the arm and leg up at the same time, start with just the arm, then do just the leg. Tighten midsection. The legs will absorb most of the body weight. Hold for five seconds then release. Then reach left arm forward while stretching right leg back, again flexing the foot and keeping core tight.

Strengthens: Core, arms, shoulders, upper back
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Gently bend forward from hips, bringing hands to floor (a slight bend in knees is okay until flexibility develops). Slowly walk hands forward to get into a push up position until in line with shoulders. Lower upper body down to the floor (like the first half of a push up). Or, for more of a challenge, do one full push up. Keeping palms firmly on the floor, walk feet back toward hands and return to standing. Keep core tight throughout.

Strengthens: Quadriceps, glutes, back, abs, calves
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Keep hands on hips
or, to work a little harder, reach arms toward the ceiling to form a Y. Keeping chest lifted, and weight in heels, squat back by lowering butt until thighs are parallel to the floor (like sitting in a chair). Make sure knees never go further forward than toes. Shift weight to the balls of feet and raise up onto tippy toes until weight is fully on the balls of feet.

With a little room and a smart phone, Sworkit can help attain fitness goals. Select the length of workout (from 5 minutes to an hour), a strength training or yoga/stretching sequence and which body part to workout or type of flexibility routine. The app offers more than 20 pre-built workouts and the option to create your own.

Sworkit guides through exercise routines with audible announcements and visual illustrations. Pause the clock to watch a demonstration or move a coffee table to the side to keep time on track. Set weekly and monthly goals (add a reminder for the app to ping you daily), message a trainer directly with fitness questions and, for something a little more low-key, look for special low-impact exercises. ($2.99/month)

Even devotees of indoor cycling classes can’t always make it to the studio, but the Peloton Cycle brings the burn to the privacy of any home gym. The high-end stationary bike is anything but ordinary. For $1999 plus a $39/month subscription, a 21.5-inch waterproof Android tablet provides access to unlimited live and on-demand classes. Those who do better running with the herd can ride alongside those training in Peloton’s Chelsea studio. Or choose from one of the 3,000 classes in the on-demand library.