VIDEO: 6 Adorable Animals Looking For Love

There’s no gift that keeps giving like the love from a furry friend. This Thanksgiving, North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington has six adorable animals searching for a forever home (and some fresh turkey to munch on). Add a few more names to the headcount.

Trini, a five-year-old pomeranian, is the ideal purse companion. She was recently rescued from the Midwest and despite her small stature she knows how to socialize well with other dogs. By nature she’s inherently obedient and does best with children over 12.

Ethan is the ultimate snuggle buddy (he’d love a spot on your lap at the dinner table this year). He was rescued from the Midwest and at two-years-old his small size can’t compare to his big heart. Yorkshire Terriers are known for their incredible loyalty to their owners, preferring to stay close by their side at all times.

Pudding and Puddles, the eight-month-old dynamic duo rescued from Tennessee, are bonded together. They are pug mix brothers and are good with children of all ages. Pugs are known as the “clowns of the canine” world because they have a great sense of humor and like to show off, and these guys really know how to have fun.

Pepper is an old soul. At eight-years-old, this lab terrier mix would love to find a calm household that is easy-going and tolerant like her temperament.

Snickers, like the candied treat, is very sweet. He is an eight-year-old shepherd mix that was rescued from a shelter in Tennessee. His devotion and courage make him a great family pet, common shepherd traits.

Black Friday adoption special: Friday, Nov. 25 9am-8pm. Adoption fees will be waived for the first 50 approved adopters.