What to Watch on Netflix This December

When the weather outside gets colder, it’s time to Netflix and chill. Here’s some of the programming coming in December.

Full House for the Holidays: Fuller House

The second season of the hit Full House revival series is premiering two months early, meaning the Tanners have to miss out on holiday fun. Gather around the screen with family and some cocoa. The first season proved not quite as good as the original, but this season will be full of holiday cheer, laughter, and everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse. Have mercy! Drops Dec. 9.

Meet Barack: Barry

Netflix acquired Barry at the Toronto Film Festival in September and with the election over, deems mid-December an appropriate time for its release. The biopic focuses on President Obama’s college years when he was a student at Columbia University. It will explore his friendships, family relationships and struggles with racial identity. Ashley Judd stars as Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and the film introduces Devon Terrell as Barack Obama. Drops Dec. 16.

Laugh Out Loud: Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry & Reggie Watts: Spatial

Netflix committed to making men laugh in 2016. The final two of 22 comedy specials targeted at them will be available this month. Reggie Watts’ special, Spatial, is a completely improvised comedy set covering topics from guns to grits. Drops Dec. 6.

Gabriel Iglesias, famous for his stand-up special Hot Fluffy will debut I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry, filmed in Chicago. Drops Dec. 20. 

Cartoon Network: Pacific Heat & Trollhunters

Netflix is rolling out two animated series this month aimed at entirely different demographics. Pacific Heat is an Australian series following an arrogant group of operatives as they solve crime on the coast of Australia. What they lack in book smarts they make up for with confidence. Drops Dec. 2.

Trollhunters is a Dreamworks project from the mind of famed animator Guillermo del Toro and has no relation to the recently released movie Trolls. Two friends make a shocking discovery beneath their town. Kelsey Grammar voices one of the characters. Drops Dec. 23.

Crime Time: Captive

Captive, an eight-episode crime documentary series, is yet another project hoping to piggyback off the success of Making a Murderer. The series takes a close look at hostage situations and negotiations worldwide. Drops Dec. 9.

Science Fiction Or Fact?: White Rabbit Project

In the tradition of Mythbusters, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara will conduct experiments to determine the truth behind various pop culture myths. They’ll tackle jailbreaks and superhero technology, among other topics. The show is the first in a series of unscripted science shows the network plans to release. Drops Dec. 9.

esme mazzeo

esme mazzeo

Esme Mazzeo is a freelance writer and TV junkie who enjoys writing arts, culture and lifestyle pieces. Follow her on Twitter @EsmeMazzeo